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Wine Tours

Tradition. Looking back in the ancient history of the lands where now Bulgaria is the most remains from the thracian period are connected to wine -
frescos in the tombs, wine drinking vessels from the golden treasures. It is said in the sources that thracian wines were thick and very strong
and the Greeks and Romans had to dilute them with water; in the Rhodope Mountain region once stood the Main Temple and oracle of ancient Wine God -
Dionysus, where wine was set to fire in a ritual. Archeological exhavations in the last years proove this.
And if it comes to the origin of wine one of the theories is the land, where now Bulgaria is...
Bulgaria is one of the top 20 of wine producers in the world. The winemakers are more and more successful in the national market and abroad.
Some of them opened to visitors and offer testing. Bulgaria, as a country of ancient cultures and civilizations, splendid nature, bring on unforgettable
experience for the tourists, who have chosen to know more about the wine in Bulgaria..
Local varieties - you might heard that Sir Winston Churchill use to order annualy 500 liters of wine Melnik (brought to him by Greek salesman).
But he missed many other Gamza, Mavrud, Rubin, Gorchivka, Misket...
Our professors are from the Food Technology University, Wine Department, or professionals approved by the National or Local Wine Chamber.
The atmosphere is informal.
We think knowing more about wine will add quality and joy in our life.
We orgazanised our first class for wine enthusiasts in 2004.
Now we have classes dedicated to foreign visitors (English/Deutsch)
Long weekend classes:
Day One. General introductory wine course with testing technique and overview on the wine world.
Day 2: Regional varieties - unique and local grown popular grapes including visit to 2 wineceller with vine testing.
Day 3: Test. Visit point of interest or 2 wineceller with vine testing

Our classes are 8 (min.) to 10 (max) persons.

Or we do a special tour for you to the winecellers in the region (in the whole country).

Please contact us for more information. e-mail: Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.


тел: 032 623 666, 0885839944

tel.: +359 32 623 666, +359 885839944